DARCASE (PERLE) - 24K Gold Ultrsound Exfoliator

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-Detoxify and experience smooth, radiant skin. 

-Searching for a solution to dull skin and clogged pores? Perle’s ultrasonic spatula frequencies help to extract impurities, dirt, and whiteheads from pores, resulting in cleaner, smoother skin. Lift function allows better penetration of serums and uplifts your skin. 

-Skincare Benefits: 

Removes dead skin and impurities, unclogs dirt and oil from pores, Extracts blackheads and whiteheads, deeply exfoliates for smoother skin, lifts to achieve firmer skin, reduces appearance of large pores, penetrates serums and oils deeper. 

-Why is Perle different from other exfoliating methods?

The majority of exfoliating products only hit the surface of the skin. The Perle ultrasonic frequencies go above and beyond to not only remove dead skin cells, but also extract whiteheads and in some cases, blackheads. 

-There are so many ultrasonic devices on the market. Why Perle? 

  • 24K gold plated spatula 
  • Two functions-lift and exfoliate
  • Magnetic cap
  • Sleek and functional design
  • Charges with USB-C cord 
  • Luxuriously created with quality hardware


    - Cleansing mode performs deep pore exfoliation. This removes blackheads and whiteheads, reduces the appearance of large pores and improves the skin’s overall texture and appearance.

    - Lift mode tones and contours facial muscles while revitalizing the skin. This creates a firmer and healthier look. Ultrasonic frequencies allow the penetration of facial serums on a much deeper level.

    - After using exfoliation mode, your skin will immediately feel smooth and detoxified. You will notice tighter and cleaner pores. Makeup will apply seamlessly onto a fresh face with little to no texture. 

    - With lift mode, you’re immediately met with an after-glow as the high-frequency waves stimulate blood circulation. You will see tighter and more uplifted skin. By implementing Perle into a continuous routine, you will achieve more plump and radiant skin.