Biologique Recherche- Creme Hydravit'S 1.7 oz

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Good for very dry skin, hydrating. Use with Biologique Recherche Oligo Protein Marine Serum as they’re both algae based.

NOTE: Be careful if you’re allergic to shellfish.


  • Brightens dull and stressed complexions.
  • Remineralizes the epidermis.
  • Provides lasting hydration of the top layers of the epidermis.
  • Instantly energizes and revitalizes your skin.
  • Your complexion is immediately brightened.
  • Ideal for young skins. Crème Hydravit’S followed by a few drops of Silk Plus will make you radiate with beauty. Use without moderation on special occasions.
Recommended for:
Dehydrated, stressed skin. Ideal for young skin.

Other recommended products: Creme Hydravit's followed by a few drops of Silk Plus will make the skin radiate with beauty.