Swiss Smile- in between waxed dental tape

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This waxed dental tape effectively removes plaque and food debris from interdental spaces and helps prevent caries and gingivitis. The waxed CUREN® multifilament tape is pleasant and easy to handle and insert between teeth. Unlike nylon, which is used for conventional floss, CUREN® fibers do not swell up in contact with water. The waxed dental tape fans out slightly when used and therefore gently and effectively reaches into interdental spaces without injuring the gum tissue. The dark coloring makes removed plaque and impurities instantly visible and leaves a fresh minty taste. The use of this dental tape means pure motivation for beginners and extra fun for experienced users.


Take a piece of flossing tape approx. 30 cm in length and tie into a loop with a double knot. Hold the loop with four fingers of one hand and the thumb of the other and gently pass through the gaps between all your teeth.

Contains: 1 box with 70m of waxed dental tape.