Swiss Smile- nuance nude toothbrushes

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Swiss smile goes fashion! With nuance, swiss smile creates a catwalk for the presentation of equally new and timeless fashion trends. Fashion and cultural phenomena are captured and newly interpreted in a series of strictly limited editions  of swiss smile ultra soft toothbrushes. The modern classic nude marks the beginning with its pure and  honest colour palette from cherry blossom to porcelain, which beautifully stages the elegant design of ultra soft toothbrushes. The unique swiss smile ultra soft toothbrushes, have up to nine times the number of individual bristles of conventional brushes, making them much finer and denser than those of their counterparts. The gently round-tipped  CUREN ® filaments remain dimensionally stable and effortlessly reach the recesses around interdental spaces and gingival cuffs while simultaneously protecting the teeth and stimulating the gums.


Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of toothpaste to your toothbrush and hold like a pencil. Position at a 45° angle by placing your thumb on the slanted surfaces of the octagonal handle. In small circular movements – half on the gums and half on the tooth – gently and carefully clean all of your teeth.

Contains: 1 cherry blossom & 1 porcelain coloured toothbrush.